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Charged with a Bellevue, WA DUI? Our Bellevue DUI lawyers can help.

Charged with a Bellevue, WA DUI? Speak with our Bellevue DUI lawyers today for help and answers now!

If you have been charged with a Washington drunk driving crime, then you’re probably wondering if you should hire one of the many Bellevue DUI lawyers in the area. To put it simply, trying to negotiate the complexities of Washington State DUI laws without legal guidance will most likely lead to failure.

Today’s prosecutors seek to punish people arrested for DUI offenses to the fullest extent of the law, and the penalties associated with these crimes are swift, severe, and will impact your entire life.

An experienced and reputable Washington State DUI lawyer should inform you that drunk driving cases are among the most complicated and difficult types of criminal cases to evaluate.  And, no honest Washington DUI lawyer should ever be rendering an opinion about what kind of a result they can get in your case during your initial consultation, especially without having even ever reviewed the police reports.  Our Bellevue DUI lawyers literally look for hundreds of issues in every case.  A Bellevue DUI attorney from our team will do absolutely everything legally possible to get your drunk driving charge reduced or dismissed.

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Successfully resolving your case.

Successfully resolving a Bellevue DUI case depends on a number of factors, including the police reports and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. However, our team of Bellevue DUI attorneys believes that every WA drunk driving case can be attacked on some level. This is not mere speculation – our Bellevue DUI lawyers successfully defend hundreds of drunk driving cases every single year.

When you think about it, it makes sense to bring a professional onboard for any important job, and fighting a Bellevue DUI charge certainly qualifies as such. Only an aggressive defense posture, based on sound legal principles, will have any chance against the unyielding nature of a DUI prosecution. Simply telling your side of the story is not enough because the law dictates what factors can be utilized when presenting an argument.

This is still true even if you feel like you were arrested for DUI unfairly, or without proper cause. The court is only going to entertain defense arguments based on Washington State DUI laws, so it’s important that a DUI defense focus on technical aspects of the case that the court is willing to hear. Our Bellevue DUI lawyers have the experience needed to investigate every case thoroughly, looking for these technical details that may lead to a DUI case being favorably resolved.

Dealing with the aftermath of your Bellevue DUI.

Dealing with the aftermath of your Bellevue DUI.Being arrested for a Bellevue DUI, and dealing with the aftermath, is one of the most trying events you will have to face in life. Experiencing a DUI arrest is bad enough, but the prospect of a DUI conviction and obtaining a criminal record is even worse.

You undoubtedly feel embarrassed, and have severe emotional stress due to the fact that so much of your future is uncertain. Being processed through the court system is an unsettling experience that often leads to frustration and anxiety.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys are compassionate legal professionals that will be at your side throughout the entire DUI process. More importantly, a Bellevue DUI lawyer will help you understand the legal process, the DUI penalties you face, and mitigate them as much as possible. The most important thing you can do right now is make the decision to talk to one of the experienced DUI lawyers from our firm as soon as possible.

You only have 20 days from the time of your arrest to request a hearing with the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) – the government agency that will determine whether your license is suspended. Failure to request a hearing will most likely result in a license suspension of 90 days if this is your first offense for a DUI. If you refused a blood alcohol test when you were arrested for your DUI, then you could face a license suspension of up to one year.

Utilizing the knowledge of our Bellevue DUI attorneys is vital if you want to have any chance of retaining your driving privileges. While there are never any guarantees, losing your license to drive for any period of time will undoubtedly lead to a great deal of frustration, and in some cases could even affect your job.

Our aggressive Bellevue DUI lawyers work diligently so that your defense strategy is planned before you have to deal with the court. The next phase of the DUI process is where you must deal with the court. An appearance in Washington court is mandatory, and this is your opportunity to enter a plea. Our aggressive Bellevue DUI lawyers work diligently so that your defense strategy is planned before you have to deal with the court. A thorough investigation of your case is necessary to uncover details that could constitute a defense. The goal of your defense will ultimately be to minimize the DUI penalties you face and keep you out of jail.

This is a sound strategy when you consider that a DUI conviction will impose mandatory penalties that cannot be mitigated. If convicted of a Bellevue DUI you will have your license suspended for 90 days, be required to pay a fine of up to $5,000, and you will face a mandatory jail term of no more than 364 days.

After appearing in court, our Bellevue DUI attorneys work with the prosecutor on your behalf to negotiate your case. In some cases a plea bargain might be reached that you will find acceptable. At other times, it might be necessary to take your case further, through an evidentiary hearing, and maybe even eventually into court.

Our Bellevue DUI lawyers will always keep you informed of the details involved in your case, so that you can make informed decisions on how you would like to proceed. Every case is different, and there are never any guarantees, but obviously it is a good idea to tackle your Bellevue DUI problem immediately rather than simply ignore it.

How our Bellevue DUI attorneys structure a defense.

Surely it is now clear that a DUI defense must be built around both your DOL hearing and the court. If given enough time, our Bellevue DUI lawyers can look into the details of your case in an effort to find those technical issues that could work in your favor. This is a tried and true approach to building an aggressive defense, and we employ this technique in almost every WA drunk driving case.

Our Bellevue DUI attorneys will first look into the details surrounding your arrest. Part of this process is gathering information from you about when you were pulled over by the police, and for what reason. The information you provide your Bellevue lawyer is crucial toward understanding the details from your perspective, and gaining insight into the nature of the case.

Our Bellevue DUI lawyers check the records on the blood alcohol measuring device used to determine your blood alcohol content when you were arrested. From there, we will look into the reports that were filed by the arresting officer. These police reports must be written and filed with the court according to Washington State DUI law.

In some cases, errors exist in these reports and could be used to build a defense strategy. For instance, if you had been initially pulled over by the police without proper cause, then the court could see this as a reason to dismiss your Bellevue DUI case outright.

Also, our Bellevue DUI lawyers check the records on measuring instrument that was used to measure the alcohol content in your blood when you were arrested. These mechanisms must be kept in good working order, properly calibrated, with up to date records. If these records are out of date or the machine was not working as intended, then these facts will be utilized for your defense.

These investigative procedures are necessary to build a defense in every type of DUI related case. Other factors could come into play if you had been arrested or charged for other DUI crimes such as:

What sets our Bellevue DUI attorneys apart.

If you've been arrested for a Bellevue DUI, you are facing prosecution for a crime in Washington State. Making sure you have experienced and qualified representation is essential, and deciding on an attorney to hire will make all the difference in the world when it comes to how your case is resolved.

At the heart of the matter is ensuring that your rights are being legally protected. Most of our Bellevue DUI clients are hopeful that they will be allowed to keep their driver’s license and stay out of jail. Obviously, these are the primary goals when entering into a case so your choice of attorney does matter.

Our Bellevue DUI lawyers act as advocates for you and defend your character when dealing with the courts. They also act as a barrier between you and the uncaring nature of the State’s legal machinery. Our DUI professionals give their clients personal attention, and diligently work for the most favorable outcome possible.

Your DUI case is very important to you, and we understand this fact. Our experience has given us insight on how devastating a DUI conviction can be, and we treat every case as if it were us who were facing the charges.

One of the most important things our Bellevue DUI attorneys do in every case is deal with prosecutors and the courts on your behalf. We have experience dealing with the people who hold these important positions, as we have worked with them on many occasions. This type of experience comes only with unyielding dedication to our work, and we recognize that our most important job is protecting your rights every step of the way.

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Even though you might be feeling like the world just caved in on you, now is not the time to delay in taking action. With so much at stake, you should take advantage of our offer for a free consultation by talking to a Bellevue, WA DUI attorney from our firm today.

Our free evaluation will give you a chance to alleviate some of your stress by discussing the facts with a legal professional who has your best interests at heart. Our Bellevue attorneys will answer your questions and help guide you toward making a decision concerning your case that is based on accurate information, and not speculation.

When it’s done you are free to make your own decision on how you would like to handle your DUI case without any pressure from us whatsoever. If you decide to utilize our legal services you will find our rates are affordable, and that we offer payment plans based around any budget.

Contact our DUI lawyers in Bellevue, WA today and start coming to grips with your Washington DUI arrest. Our Bellevue DUI attorneys are here to assist you in fully understanding your rights and options when it comes to a Bellevue DUI arrest or criminal charge.  You have very important legal rights.  We will ensure that they are enforced.

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Our Bellevue DUI attorneys are here to assist you in fully understanding your legal rights and options when it comes to a Bellevue DUI arrest or criminal charge.

Contact our Bellevue, WA  DUI attorneys today! Call for your FREE consultation!

Our Bellevue, WA DUI lawyers will fight to protect your rights! Call today.

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